Submitting meter readings online

You can give us meter readings through your online account or by filling in our online form. You can do this as often as you like.

Submitting readings using your online account

Log into your online account and open the product account you want to give a meter reading for. Choose 'Give a meter reading' and put in your reading. If you've given us a meter reading for that account before, we'll show you an up-to-date balance straight away.

You won't be able to give readings on smart meter accounts.

Submitting meter readings using our online form

You can also give us meter readings by filling in our online form. Just so you know, it can take us up to five days to update your account if you do it this way.

After you've submitted a meter reading

If you're due a bill within the next two weeks, we'll use the reading you submit to calculate your next bill.

If you've had a bill during the last four weeks, we'll send you an updated one using the correct meter reading.

If you've given an incorrect meter reading

Don't worry if you've entered an incorrect meter reading – you can log in again and give a new one.

When you give us a meter reading, we'll check that it's about what we expect your usage to be. If it's not, then we'll tell you.

Visits to your home

Even if you give us meter readings online, we'll still need to visit you from time to time to do safety checks on your meter. We have a responsibility to check your meter at least once every two years.

If one of our meter readers or engineers calls to check your meter, please let them in. All our meter readers and engineers carry identification to prove that it's safe for you to let them into your home.