There may be times when you have credit on your account and want to get a refund. Our article explains what refunds are and how they work in different circumstances including paying by Direct Debit, moving home or switching supplier.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to be billed to an up-to-date, accurate meter reading for us to make sure any refund is correct. Your latest bill will tell you if the meter reading was estimated by showing an (e) next to the reading.

Direct Debit refunds

With monthly Direct Debit, you pay a fixed amount each month to cover your energy use over the year. This means there will be times when you’re in credit. Usually you build up credit over the warmer, lighter summer months (when you’ll probably use less energy) to cover the colder, darker winter ones (when your energy use is likely to be higher). Refunding this credit may mean your payments will need to go up.

To keep you on track, every six months we’ll check what you're paying against what energy you're using. Every 12 months we’ll do a Direct Debit review. If we think your payments will be enough to cover how much energy you're likely to use, and you’re over £60 in credit we'll automatically refund the whole amount. This is if we’ve got an up-to-date actual meter reading. If you’re under £60 in credit we’ll keep this in your account to go towards future bills.

It’s easy to check and change your Direct Debit payments via your online account. Don’t have one? Register for an online account now – it only takes a couple of minutes.

If you pay by standing order, we’ll also review your payments every six and twelve months. We’ll keep any credit on your account to go towards future bills and lower your payments.

Refunds if you've moved home or changed supplier

If you’ve left our supply because you’ve moved home or changed supplier, you’ll need to wait for your final bill before we can refund any money you’re owed.

Moving home

When you move house, take a meter reading before you go. You can tell us about your move online, including submitting your closing readings. We’ll use these to close your account and send you a final bill. If we owe you money, we’ll send you your refund around two weeks after we send your final bill.

If you sign up with us to supply energy to your new home, we may be able to transfer any credit to your new account.

Changing supplier

If you switch to a new supplier, give them a meter reading on the day they start supplying you. Your new supplier will send this reading to us so we can close your account and send you your final bill. If we owe you anything, we’ll send you a refund around two weeks after we send your final bill. If you paid us by Direct Debit, it’s best to leave this open until we’ve completed your refund.

If you've already had a refund but it doesn't look quite right – just get in touch. Have your details to hand including any meter readings you took when you moved house or switched supplier.

What happens to credit balances we can't refund

Sometimes we struggle to find people who are owed money. If we've not been given an accurate meter reading to close your account or been told your new address if you've moved, we might not be able to refund your money.

If you're not one of our customers anymore, but think you're owed money, please contact us. We'll refund you any money you're owed, no matter how long it's been since your account closed.

If you're owed money by another supplier, you'll need to contact them to arrange a refund. My Energy Credit has useful advice on how to contact them.

Requesting a refund

If you'd like us to refund a credit back to you, you can use our online form. Just so you know, it can take around two weeks for us to process your refund.

If you pay by Direct Debit we’ll refund what you’re owed directly back to your bank account. Otherwise, we’ll send you a cheque.

Keep your bills accurate with a smart meter

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A smart meter makes that possible.

No more estimated bills – and no need to take manual meter readings either.

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