If you'd like us to refund a credit back to you, just fill in our refund form. Your latest bill will tell you if the meter reading was estimated – if it was, we'll need an up to date one so we can make sure you're in credit and we're refunding the right amount.

If you pay by Direct Debit, every six months we’ll check what you're paying against what energy you're using. Every 12 months we'll review your future Direct Debit payments. If we forecast these payments will be enough to cover the amount of energy you're likely to use, we'll automatically refund any credit balances over £5. This is providing we have an up-to-date actual meter reading.

If you have an online account, you can check and change how much you’re paying for your Direct Debit whenever you need to.

How we refund your money

We'll refund the credit you're owed directly back into your bank account or send you a cheque in the post if we're not able to do this. It can take a couple of weeks for us to process refunds. If the refund is for less than £1, we'll contact you.

Not supplied by us any more?

If you've moved house or changed supplier, we'll send you a final bill. It'll tell you if we owe you money and how we'll send it back to you.

We'll need to make sure your credit is accurate before we refund it. If you've moved house, take a meter reading before you go so we can work out exactly what we owe you. Or if you've moved to a new supplier, give them a meter reading on the day your supply starts with them. They'll send this over to us and we'll work out how much you're owed based on that.

If you've already had a refund but it doesn't look quite right – just get in touch. It'll be really handy if you can have your details to hand (including the meter readings you took when you moved house or switched supplier).

Unclaimed credit balances

Sometimes we struggle to find people who are owed money. If we've not been given an accurate meter reading to close your account or your new address if you've moved, we might not be able to return your money back.

If you think you're owed a refund but you're not one of our customers any more, please contact us. We'll send any money you're owed back, no matter how long it's been since your account was closed.

If you're owed money by another supplier, you'll need to contact them to arrange a refund. You can find out how to contact them using My Energy Credit.