We've got lots of ways you can save money. If you have a fixed price tariff and pay by Direct Debit or standing order, you’ll get a discount of £40 a year for each fuel until your tariff ends. The discount is applied to your standing charge on a pence per day basis, when compared to another way of paying. If you have capped prices on a Standard variable tariff, your standing charge and unit rates will be reduced for paying by Direct Debit or standing order. Your discount will vary depending on how much energy you use, where you live and your meter type. Discounts do not apply to customers on an Energy Assist tariff or with a Pay As You Go meter.

And if you're a pensioner, receive benefits, have a disability or are on a low income, there's extra support available to help you pay your energy bills. Don't forget to let us know and we'll register you for our Priority Services.

Cold Weather Payment

You may be entitled to the Government's Cold Weather Payment if you're getting certain benefits. If you qualify, you'll get a payment when your local temperature is either recorded as, or forecast to be an average of zero degrees Celsius (or below) over seven days in a row.

Winter Fuel Payment

The government pays the Winter Fuel Payment (sometimes called Winter Fuel Allowance). You can claim it if you're over a certain age and on certain benefits.

You might get it automatically or you may need to apply.

We've put some more information about the Winter Fuel Payment in an article linked below.

Warm Home Discount scheme

The Warm Home Discount scheme is a Government scheme that offers financial help to low income and vulnerable households. Take a look to see if you're eligible and download an application form.