It's important that you pay the right amount for your energy. We do our best to always use accurate meter readings when we calculate your bill. But sometimes we might need to estimate how much you've used.

If we've had to use an estimated reading, we'll tell you on your bill. We'll work it out based on the time of year, how much energy you've used in the past and how much customers with similar usage have used.

Correcting an estimated bill

If you've had an estimated bill, don't worry! All you need to do is give us an up-to-date meter reading. You can send us your readings via your online account – if you don't have one, why not register now? Or you can give your readings via our online form.

We'll produce a new bill based on the accurate reading you've given us. If you're registered for paperless billing, we'll email you to let you know when it's ready. Otherwise we'll send your new bill in the post.

Smart meter In-Home Display

What if you could get more accurate bills?

What if a meter could do the reading for you, and send it automatically to your energy supplier?

A smart meter makes that possible.

No more estimated bills – and no need to take manual meter readings either.

Your energy usage tracked and displayed, as it happens, in pounds and pence. Why not book your SSE smart meter appointment today, at no extra cost?

What you need to know

No more manual readings

We rely on a mobile phone or wireless signal to get your smart meter readings. If these fail, you'll either need to take your own reading and send it to us, or your bills will be estimated.