Opening the door can be worrying if you don't know who's on the other side. It can also be frustrating if you can't answer it in time.

We want to make sure you feel safe and at ease when we visit you at home. And we want to make sure we give you enough time to answer the door when we call.

Letting in the right people

It can be tricky to know who to let into your home. It's important to make sure you're only letting in the right people.

If you're ever unsure whether someone is who they say they are, or you don't feel safe, don't let them in. If they refuse to leave, dial 999 and ask for the police.

There are two ways you can make sure someone at your door is a genuine SSE employee before you let them in.

Check their ID

SSE employees, including our meter readers, always carry photo ID. If you're still unsure once you've seen their ID, call 0800 015 5170 to check with us before you let them in.

Use our password scheme

If you'd like extra peace of mind you can also choose a password, which we'll need to tell you before you let us in.

This is free to set up and you can change it at any time. We'll only give it to people who need to know it.

You can get more advice on how to stay safe on your doorstep from Age UK. You can also get hints on doorstep safety from Police Scotland. Or, if you're worried that someone you know might be in danger of a scam, the Citizens Advice website has information on what to do.

If you need extra time to answer the door

If you have difficulty getting around, it's not always easy or safe to rush to the door when someone calls.

If you need a bit longer, you can use our free ‘knock and wait’ service. We'll then make sure we give you more time to get to the door when we visit you.

How to register for these services

Please get in touch with our Priority Services team to set up these services. We'll also check if there are any other ways we can help you.

You can call us on 0800 622 838. Or you can call our Textline on 0800 622 839.

We're open between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and between 8am and 6pm on Saturday.