We understand that when it comes to managing your energy bills and usage, there are times when a little extra help can make all the difference.

Our Priority Services Register gives you access to our friendly call centre staff, who can offer advice on a range of helpful and accessible services, at no extra cost to you.

To sign up, please download and complete this application form. You can email it to us or post it to Customer Service, SSE Grampian House, 200 Dunkeld Road, Perth, PH1 3GH

How we can help

  • A ‘knock and wait’ service, which gives you more time to answer the door, and a password scheme, so you, or the person representing you, can identify who is at the door.
  • Bills and communications in adapted formats such as large print, Braille and audio.
  • Arranging for communications to be sent to an authorised friend or family member, who can act on your behalf to manage your accounts, if you both agree.
  • Additional services to allow you to communicate directly with us if English is not your primary language or if you use British Sign Language you can contact us via sse.co.uk/signvideo.
  • Priority help in the event of a power cut if you rely on electricity for medical equipment.
  • If you’re unable to have a smart meter and find it hard to reach or read your meter, we can come and read it for you.
  • If you have a Pay As You Go meter that you are having difficulty accessing or topping up, we can move or change the meter free of charge.

For further information, or to arrange extra support or services, call our Careline on 0800 622 838. We may even be able to offer extra help in managing your bills. If you are a text telephone user, you can find out more about our Careline services using textline on 0800 622 839. Please use textline for typed messages only.

British Sign Language (BSL) SignVideo service

Our SignVideo service allows you to talk securely about your accounts using British Sign Language (BSL).

Getting in touch

Use our form

Complete our application form to sign up for the Priority Services Register.

Call us

Once you've registered, you can phone our Careline directly whenever you need to talk with us about your account.

Phone: 0800 622 838

Textline: 0800 622 839

We're open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 6pm on Saturdays.


You can chat to us on our website using webchat when you see the speech bubble icon at the bottom-right of your screen.

Write to us

Customer Service SSE Grampian House 200 Dunkeld Road Perth PH1 3GH

If your letter needs a reply, we'll get back to you within five working days of receiving it.

If you'd like us to reply in a particular format, please let us know in your letter.

Extra support

With your permission, we'll pass your details to your local network operator. They can then give you appropriate support if there's a power cut and give you advance notice of any essential work that could disrupt your supply.

More about how others can help you

If you need additional help from us, you may be able to register for help from other utility companies. For example, water suppliers may offer similar services to ours. Contact your water supplier and ask them about any extra help and support they can give you.