Apply for our SSE Fix and Control v3 tariff

Sign up to our SSE Fix and Control v3 tariff and get:

  • More peace of mind – a fixed price energy tariff that’s guaranteed for 2 years, so no price rises for the length of your tariff.

  • More heating control – includes a Google Nest Thermostat E (RRP £199) and Nest Hub (2nd gen) (RRP £89.99) – our Smart Home Package worth £288.99.

  • More energy savings – don’t heat an empty home – the Nest thermostat adjusts the temperature after you leave.

  • 100% renewable electricity - we'll match your usage with power from wind and water.

To get this tariff, you'll need to create an online account. It's the quick and easy way to view your bills and make payments. And you'll be able to use the My SSE app to manage your energy on the go.

You'll also need to pay by monthly Direct Debit. So if you're already supplied by us and pay another way, you'll need to set up a Direct Debit through your online account. It's simple to do and you can manage it online too, so you're always in control.

Google Nest E Thermostat

Nest Thermostat E

The Nest thermostat learns from you and turns the heating down automatically when you leave your home, helping to save energy. Control your Nest thermostat from anywhere using the Nest app.

Most people install the Nest thermostat in 60 minutes or less, because you don’t need access to your heating system. Simply follow the step-by-step Nest Thermostat E installation video. If you prefer, we can install it for you as an optional extra for £75.

Nest Hub (2nd gen)

When you’re at home, the Nest Hub makes controlling the temperature a breeze. Just say the word and Google Assistant will control your heating.

Stay entertained with TV programmes, videos and music or control other compatible smart devices with a tap or your voice.

Smart meter In-Home Display

Smart meter

What’s more, if you don't already have a smart meter, we'll install one for you at no extra cost.

What you need to know

Important information

Google Nest Thermostat E and Google Nest Hub are trademarks of Google LLC. Subscription services may be required for certain content. Google Nest Hub requires a Wi-Fi network, a nearby electrical outlet and compatible (Android, iOS) mobile device.

Information and prices related to SSE Fix and Control v3 are correct as of April 2021. This tariff is only available to dual fuel customers with standard or smart meters.

This tariff is only available online if you choose to pay by monthly Direct Debit. If you prefer to use another payment method, please contact us directly. It's not available to Pay As You Go or Electric with Heat (for example, Domestic Economy, THTC, Superdeal, Economy 7, Economy 9, and Economy 10) customers.

Smart Home Package

The Smart Home Package, provided by Google, may not be compatible with all heating systems. Please go to the Nest compatibility checker to see if your heating system is compatible before you sign up.

We’ll send the Smart Home Package to the same address that we supply your energy within 30 working days of your energy application. Someone will need to sign for it.

You can install the Smart Home Package yourself. Simply follow the step-by-step Nest Thermostat E installation video. If you prefer, we can install it for you for £75. To request an installation, contact us after you sign up.

You’ll need a working internet connection and Wi-Fi to benefit from the Smart Home Package, and we also recommend that you have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Smart meter

By signing up to SSE Fix and Control v3, you are agreeing to have a smart meter installed in your property, if you are eligible and don’t already have one. A smart meter shows energy usage in real time and sends meter readings automatically. So no more estimated bills and you’ll have a better idea where you can use less energy, helping you save money. We’ll contact you when you’re eligible for your smart meter installation.

We rely on a mobile phone or wireless signal to receive your readings. If these fail, your bills will be estimated.

Direct Debit saving

By signing up to this fixed price tariff and paying by Direct Debit, you’ll a yearly discount for each fuel, when compared to another way of paying. The discount is applied to your standing charge on a pence per day basis, until your tariff ends.

Exit fee

If you leave SSE Fix and Control v3 at any time after your start date and more than 49 days before the end of the 2 year period, we reserve the right to apply an early exit fee of £75 per fuel. We reserve the right to apply the exit fee to either your electricity or gas account. This fee will not be applied if we provide you with notice of any changes to your terms that may disadvantage you.

100% renewable electricity

We’ll match the electricity consumed by all customers on SSE Fix and Control v3 with electricity from hydro and wind sources that have the Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origin (REGO).