Choose an extra product and be rewarded

We don’t want you to miss out on our great phone and broadband and boiler and heating cover. In fact, we’re so sure you’ll like them, we’ll credit £50 to your energy account when you take our heating cover and £75 for our broadband products.

Unlimited Fibre Broadband

£23 a month

Our cheapest broadband with average download speeds of 35 Mbps

18 month contract, includes line rental, terms and conditions apply

Fibre Plus

£26 a month

Our fastest broadband with average download speeds of 64 Mbps

18 month contract, includes line rental, terms and conditions apply

SSE Heating Cover

£23.95 a month (£0 excess) or £16.95 a month (£50 excess)

Annual servicing and breakdown cover for your boiler

Conditions, exclusions and cancellation charges may apply

A smart way to save even more

If you’ve not already gone smart, you can book an installation at no extra cost.

Smart meters replace your existing energy meter and send us regular meter readings automatically.

You'll be able to see how much energy you're using on your In-Home Display.

What you need to know

For the SSE Broadband AddOn Offer terms, conditions and eligibility criteria, see the Broadband AddOn Offer - Terms and Conditions.

For the SSE Heating Cover AddOn Offer terms, conditions and eligibility criteria, see SSE Heating Cover AddOn Offer - Terms and Conditions for full details.

If you have a Pay As You Go meter installed in your property you will not be eligible for the reward.

You’ll get £75 in energy account credit when you sign-up to our (20) Unlimited Fibre or (20) Unlimited Fibre Plus broadband (over 18 months), or £50 energy credit with our SSE Heating Cover or SSE Heating Cover 50 (over 12 months). The energy credit will be applied to your energy account each quarter (£12.50) for the duration of the contract.

Broadband and Phone details

Prices for broadband and phone products include 20% VAT. Our 20 range of broadband and phone packages is available to customers with a suitable phone line. There is an 18-month fixed-term contract on our broadband packages; leaving SSE before the end of that term may incur early termination charges. See the SSE Broadband Product and Price Guide (20 range) for details.

The price displayed is the monthly cost of the broadband, phone line and optional call package for the duration of your 18-month contract. We’ll remind you before the end of your contract that your package price will change. If you do nothing, from month 19, you will move onto a rolling contract and pay the monthly price applicable to your package at that time.

Broadband speed

The broadband speeds quoted above are average speeds at times of peak usage. These are subject to our Broadband Acceptable Use Policy. Actual speeds are dependent upon the length and quality of the copper line between your home and your exchange or street cabinet, as well as environmental factors within your home such as Wi-Fi interference, in-home wiring and congestion on the service you are accessing.

Heating Cover details

The price for Heating Cover includes 12% Insurance Premium Tax and has a 12-month fixed-term contract. It can take three working days to approve your application, your contract will start once approved. We’ll write to you at least 14 days before your 12-month contract ends. We’ll let you know your new price before we renew your cover for a further 12 months. You’ll then be able to change your level of cover or cancel your renewal, as you wish.

Boiler brands we cover

See Boilers We Cover for a full list of supported models. Warm air systems are not covered.

Claims Freeze Period

Customers in their first policy year are unable to make a Claim within the first 18 days of the contract. This is known as the Claims Freeze Period.

Smart meters

We rely on a mobile phone or wireless signal to get your smart meter readings. If these fail, you’ll either need to take your own reading and send it to us, or your bills will be estimated.