Installing your smart meter

Once we’ve confirmed your smart meter installation appointment, we’ll send you text reminders two weeks, one week and the day before.

On the day itself, we’ll try to call you about half an hour before your appointment. This is just to make sure you’re around and ready for us to install your meter.

Find out how to get a smart meter

What you need to do before the appointment

What you need to do
  • Please make sure our engineer has easy access to your current meter. We usually install a smart meter in the same place.
  • We’ll need someone over 18 there while we install the meter, so please arrange this beforehand. If you’d like a friend or carer at home with you, that’s not a problem.
  • Please pop any pets in a separate room so our engineer can work safely. We love pets – but sometimes they don’t love us!
  • It’s worth giving us a meter reading from your old meter before your smart meter is installed. If you can’t take the reading for any reason, don’t worry – the engineer will do it for you on the day.
  • At your appointment time, keep a look out for our van. The engineer will be wearing an SSE uniform, and for your peace of mind, all our engineers always carry an ID badge that they’ll show you at the door.

When the engineer arrives

We usually send one engineer, but occasionally we’ll send a trainee along as well.

When they arrive they’ll talk you through what they’re going to do and answer any questions. They’ll also give you a Smart Meter Handbook and Quick Start Guide to help you get started.

Here's how the installation process works

  • Firstly, the engineer will do a visual inspection of your property. They’ll take a note of anywhere you may be able to save energy, to discuss with you later.
  • If all the checks are OK, the engineer will get started on the installation. It’ll take up to two hours and our engineer will need to switch off your supply for around half an hour for each meter. They’ll let you know before doing this, just in case you want to pop the kettle on beforehand.
  • After the engineer has finished the job, they’ll check everything thoroughly. You’ll then be up and running. If you’ve got any mains-connected alarms, it’s worth double-checking that they’re working correctly.

After the installation

Once they’ve finished the installation, our engineer will talk you through your new smart meter and Smart Energy Tracker. They’ll also give you a few tips on how to save energy.

Shortly after, we’ll send you a survey so you can tell us what you think about our service.

We’ll also pop round now and then to make sure your meter is working as it should be.

Smart Energy Tracker

Getting more help

If you've got any more questions about your smart meter, give us a call on 0345 071 3991.

It's also worth checking out our handy smart meter video guide on YouTube. It'll give you lots more information on getting the most out of your smart meter.

Alternatively, download our Smart Energy Tracker Quick Start Guide or Full User Guide.

Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice

We're signed up to the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice. This protects you and makes sure we give you all of the information you'll need when having a smart meter installed.

Read the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice.

Sign up for our online services

It's worth signing up for an online account so you can see even more information about your energy use in the form of a handy graph or list.

Like the rest of the website, you can view it easily on your PC, tablet or mobile and check what you’re using whenever you want. And we’ll be adding more features to online smart usage very soon. If you’d like to change how often your smart meter sends us a reading, please get in touch with us on 0345 071 3991.

Getting an online account also means you’ll be able to see your bills and make payments online.

If you’ve been receiving estimated bills, you’ll be able to give us a final meter reading before we install your smart meter.