We’re sorry to announce that from 5 October 2018, most of our customers who use Pay As You Go meters will see the cost of their energy increase.

This is based on a cap set by Ofgem and reflects an increase in the cost of supplying electricity and gas, which is reflected in a change in the unit rate for all customers and standing charge for gas customers.

The new prices will take effect on 5 October 2018. Smart Pay As You Go meters will automatically be updated on that date so you don’t need to do anything. If you’ve got a non-smart meter your meter will only display the new prices once you’ve topped up on or after 5 October 2018. Even though your non-smart Pay As You Go meter will continue to reflect the old prices until you top up on or after 5 October 2018, you will still be charged at the new higher price. So, to ensure you don’t end up underpaying it’s important to top up as soon as possible on or after 5 October 2018, even if it’s just by one pound.

We’ll be writing to all affected customers to let them know about the updated prices. We’ll also outline the support available for any customers concerned about the change.

If you have any questions you can contact our Customer Service team on 0345 026 7039.

Frequently asked questions

How are Pay As You Go prices changing?

The vast majority of SSE’s Pay As You Go customers will see their energy prices increase. Dual fuel Pay As You Go customers will see an average increase of £47 resulting in a typical annual bill of £1,135 which includes the standing charge. This equates to an increase of around £4 a month or £12 a quarter.

Will my account automatically reflect the new prices and Cap Tariff?

Yes, the new prices will be applied automatically to the SSE billing system. But the display on non-smart meters will only show the new prices after you top up. So, to avoid the risk of underpaying, we recommend you top up your meter as soon as you can on or after 5 October 2018, even by as little as £1. That way you can be sure you know how much you’re spending. The price will then be capped, so you’ll know you’re protected from price increases until Ofgem’s next cap review. Smart Pay As You Go meters will automatically be updated on 5 October 2018, so you don’t need to do anything.

How long are prices capped for?

The cap that starts on 5 October 2018 will continue until 1 April 2019, when it will be reviewed again by Ofgem. The cap will continue being reviewed every six months until December 2019. Customers’ accounts will be automatically updated if prices change.

When will the new prices come into effect?

These new prices will come into effect from 5 October 2018.

Is there any change to standing charges?

Standing charges for Pay As You Go gas customers have increased by £0.88 from £103.33 per annum to £104.21. There has been no change to the electric standing charge at this time.

Does this affect gas and electricity customers?

Yes, we’re increasing and capping both gas and electricity prices for the affected customers.

Who should customers speak to if they have a problem?

Our Customer Service teams are on hand to help customers with whatever you may need. If you have any questions, please call us on 0345 026 7039.

Customers on the Standard Variable Tariff who get the Warm Home Discount have also had their bills capped as part of Ofgem’s efforts to give extra help to those customers who need it. The Warm Home Discount cap and the Pay As You Go cap are separate regulations. But they are both reviewed at the same time every six months using a similar method, so customers with these caps will end up with similar prices.

Can customers change their Pay As You Go meter for a credit meter? Is there a charge for this service?

We will replace a customer’s Pay As You Go meter for a credit meter if they are debt free and agree to a new payment plan, subject to a successful credit check. We’ll do this at no extra cost to the customer. However, it’s important to ensure that a credit meter would be suitable for a customer’s personal circumstances and customers should be aware that they may no longer be subject to a price cap if they have their Pay As You Go meter removed.

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Average across all areas of the UK and based on Ofgem’s typical domestic consumption values of 3,100 kWh for electricity and 12,000 kWh for gas per year.