You may have a number of questions while looking for energy tariffs or managing the energy in your home. With SSE being one of the UK's leading gas and electricity providers, we've provided information below on a wide range of energy topics, to help make the most out of your energy packages, monitor your usage, and reduce your costs.

  • Bills and payment help
    Find links to all the information you need on paying bills, how to make payments and online billing.

  • Meters
    Find links to get help, support and advice about gas and electricity meters.

  • Moving your gas and electric to a new home
    There's always a lot to sort out when you're moving home. We can take you through how to move your energy account to your new home, and how to transfer direct debits and payment plans.

  • Emergencies
    Find links to information on all emergency situations, including leaking meters, gas leaks, carbon monoxide safety, and general safety advice.

  • Power cuts
    When the electricity goes out in your home, there are a number of things you can do to check if there's a power cut. We let you know the steps to take and who to call to find up-to-date information when the power will be back on in your area.

  • About your gas and electricity supplier
    If you're not sure who your energy supplier is, learn where you can find this information, and how to switch energy supplier to us.

  • Switching your gas and electricity supplier to SSE
    Find out more about how to switch to SSE, the process you'll go through, and where to see the best tariffs for you.

  • Making a complaint
    Our complaints procedure for energy is designed to help answer all your queries. There are several steps you can follow to make sure your points are fully answered. Independent help and advice is available at any stage from the Citizens Advice consumer service.

  • Energy efficiency and saving advice
    Find out the best tips saving energy in your home. We provide advice on areas such as heating and radiators, home appliances and boilers.

  • Feed-In Tariffs
    By choosing to have a Feed-In Tariff, you can help tackle climate change. If you have a system that generates electricity from the sun, wind or other options, you can get paid for that energy by us.

  • Energy legal and regulatory information
    Find links to documents about all of your rights and responsibilities when we supply your gas and electricity.

  • Accessibility
    If you're of pensionable age or disabled, you can receive additional help when managing your energy supply. We have a range of services that you can use.