Fix & Shop v3

  • Fix your prices for 24 months and get rewarded.

    We'll send you a £25 Gift Card for each fuel we supply on the Fix & Shop v3 tariff. You can relax knowing your prices are fixed for two years too.

    Want something more? Pay by monthly Direct Debit and choose paperless bills, and we’ll give you up to £92 off each year.

    If you’d like to leave this tariff within the first 12 months, you’ll have to pay an exit fee of £25 per fuel. 

    This tariff is available to all our customers, not just the new ones. We’ll just need a few details so we can get started. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get this deal if you’ve got a Pay As You Go meter. You may have to pay an exit fee if you switch from another SSE tariff.

    By signing up to the Fix & Shop v3 tariff you are registering your interest for a Smart Meter. This means we may contact you in the future to discuss a smart meter installation as and when you become eligible.

Green Deal

If you have a Green Deal Scheme in place for your home, Green Deal Charges will also apply.

The estimates included in this application do not include Green Deal Charges.

We will write to you separately to confirm if a Green Deal Charge applies.

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