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Switching your gas and electricity should be hassle free. We promise to complete your switch in no more than 21 days.

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With an SSE online account you can view your bills, make payments and give us a meter reading to get an instant balance.

Smart meters for your home

Smart meters can make it easier for you to save energy and money. Find out more about smart meters and see if you can get one installed.

Staying with us when you move home

If you’re moving out, we’re here to help. Take a look at our moving home checklist and tips

Energy efficiency and saving

Small changes can help reduce how much gas and electricity you use. Learn how to save energy at home with our free help and advice.

What you need to know

Important information

Already with SSE, SSE Southern Electric, SSE SWALEC or SSE Scottish Hydro?

If you switch to a new tariff on this website, you'll stay with your current SSE brand. We may review your Direct Debit to make sure your payments cover your usage and any debit balance you might have. If we need to change the amount you pay, we'll write to you confirming the new amount.

Green Deal

If you have a Green Deal Scheme in place for your home, Green Deal Charges will also apply. The estimates included in this application do not include Green Deal Charges. We will write to you separately to confirm if a Green Deal Charge applies.

What you need to know before you apply

We rely on a mobile phone or wireless signal to get your smart meter readings. If these fail, your bills will be estimated.

We’ll send your Welcome pack by email. This includes your confirmation of contract, tariff information, terms and conditions and cancellation form.

If we're taking over the supply of energy from another supplier, you agree to your current supplier transferring the right for us to collect any debt you owe them (in the event we're obliged to).

Direct Debit discount

*If you have a fixed price tariff and pay by Direct Debit or Standing Order, you’ll get a discount of £40 a year for each fuel, when compared to another way of paying. The discount is applied to your standing charge on a pence per day basis, until your tariff ends. If you have capped prices on a standard variable tariff, your standing charge and unit rates will be reduced for paying by Direct Debit or Standing Order. Your discount will vary depending on how much energy you use, where you live and your meter type. Discounts do not apply to customers on an Energy Assist tariff or with a Pay As You Go meter.

Full terms and conditions

For further information about our tariffs, please read our terms and conditions below.
General Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Electricity and/or Gas

SSE 1 Year Fix and Protect

Energy - Terms and Conditions - SSE 1 Year Fix and Protect

SSE Breakdown Cover Policy Booklet

SSE Heating Breakdown Cover Insurance Product Information

SSE Smart 1 Year Fixed

Energy - Terms and Conditions - SSE Smart 1 Year Fixed

£50 electricity credit will be automatically credited to your account at least 42 calendar days before the end of the tariff.

To get your £50 electricity credit you need to have a smart meter installed.

If you already have an SSE smart meter or if we are unable to install a smart meter, you'll still receive the electricity credit.

SSE 1 Year Fixed v15

Energy - Terms and Conditions - SSE 1 Year Fixed v15

Switching FAQs

Should I let my current supplier know I’m switching?

Once you sign up, we’ll take care of everything including telling your current energy provider that you want to switch to us.

How long will my switch take?

We’re signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee which means switching your gas and/or electricity will take no longer than 21 days.

What happens when I switch?

After you sign up, we’ll send your paperwork by email. Once your 14-day cooling off period has finished, we’ll ask your current energy supplier for your supply and begin your switch. Just before the switch is complete, we’ll ask you for your meter reading(s) and give these to your old supplier so they close your account on the same readings.

What is a fixed price tariff?

With a fixed price tariff your unit rate per kWh energy prices will stay the same over the period of your contract.

What does 'early exit fee' mean?

Some of our energy plans have ‘early exit fees’. We'll charge you a certain amount if you switch to a different energy supplier or tariff before the end of your contract. These fees are 'per fuel' which means there's one for gas and one for electricity. If you have both fuels (dual fuel) with us, we'll charge for both. All our exit fees are clearly stated.

Who are SSE?

We first formed in 1998 when Scottish Hydro Electric merged with Southern Electric to become Scottish and Southern Energy. Later we incorporated SWALEC and Atlantic into our family and we’re now known as SSE. You may be familiar with our local brands – SSE Southern Electric, SSE Scottish Hydro and SSE SWALEC. But no matter what our name is, our primary aim is to give great customer service to our customers.