We understand the inconvenience of receiving an unexpected sales call, or picking up the phone in fear of speaking with a salesperson – or even a recorded message.

In 2013, after listening to our customer feedback, we became the first energy company in Great Britain to end cold calling.

Now, we’re encouraging other companies to do the same, by backing the ‘Which?’ campaign, “Calling Time On Nuisance Phone Calls”.

We’re proud to make a difference, ensuring that contact with customers is on their terms and that any great deals we offer are relevant to what our customers want.

So, in line with the ‘Which?’ campaign, we use Caller Line Identification (CLI) for all marketing calls; we let other companies in our data chain know whether you’ve opted out of all marketing calls or texts; and we make sure we contact you within six months from the time you gave consent when your initial consent was given via a third party.

We also make it easy for you to withdraw your consent; we screen all telephone numbers against the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), except where customers have specifically requested a call from us; and we carry out a review of the effectiveness of these policies every year.

Our Sales Director, Gary Pickering, is responsible for our policy on cold calling. If you’ve received a cold call from us, or anyone else, you can report it to the relevant industry bodies by using the simple complaints tool on the ‘Which?’ website. Please see link at the bottom of this page.

See our Privacy Notice for details about how we use your information.