Supporting your local community

Thanks to our community volunteering project, Be the Difference, each of our 22,000 employees has the opportunity to take a day out of their typical working life to support local community projects. That means that your organisation, charity or group can now ‘borrow’ a team of hands, minds, ideas or skills completely free of charge!

Many hands make light work

You can ask a team of our employees to work with you for a whole day. From crushing boxes to crunching numbers – as long as it makes a difference to what you’re trying to achieve, then we’re willing to help!

The project was launched in April 2010 to support initiatives within the communities in which our employees live and work, giving staff the opportunity to make a difference to things they are passionate about outside of work.

In the first year, around 5,000 days were used to help many different organisations including charities, schools, parish councils and hospitals.