Play video: England football star Eni Aluko surprises young footballer at training.
Eni Aluko meeting Daisy

Eni Aluko is one of the UK's leading woman footballers. She was part of Chelsea Ladies' FA Cup winning team and is idolised by millions including Daisy, who has Tourette's.

Daisy uses football as a release from her symptoms. It's no surprise that Daisy idolises Eni. She watches videos of her on her phone and works hard to re-create many of her skills on the pitch.

She got the surprise of a lifetime when Eni arrived at her club, Yaxley FC, for training and to specifically spend time with her. She not only spent time training alongside the star, but was also given the opportunity to sit and talk with her.

We organised this as part of the Dads and Daughters programme. We're trying to encourage more girls to take up the sport, as well as supporting those that have already done so.