Social media can help get us closer to people, but using it isn't the same as having a private, one-to-one conversation.

Our “house rules” are here to keep everyone happy and safe online, and explain how we manage the SSE channels to help this happen.

Take a look, and then get back to posting and sharing with us.

Keeping yourself safe

First of all, protect yourself – don’t share your personal details publicly

Not everyone out there will have your best interests at heart. If we find you’ve publicly posted anything containing sensitive details, we’ll ask you to take it down and pop it over to us in a private message instead.

If we need access to your energy account, we’ll ask your permission first.

And if it’s been a little while since you last got in touch, we might ask you again – just to be sure! We’ll also ask for your security details before we give you any answers or account information.

When you contact us on social media, you’re agreeing that we can use your personal details in line with our latest privacy policy.

Thinking before you share

Be respectful of others

We'll remove any posts or comments in our channels if they contain any of the following:

  • Personal, confidential information about you or anyone else
  • Discriminatory language or content (including videos and images)
  • Malicious content or “trolling”, where the intention is to upset people
  • Unlawful sharing of information or content, including anything that violates intellectual property rights
  • Solicitation, spam, and suspicious links (for example, “phishing”)
  • Posts repeating the same messages or links over and over again

These rules go both ways: we'll remove any mistakes that we make too.

Our promise

Promoting understanding and kindness in the wider community

This means we’ll never tolerate abusive or discriminatory behaviour of any kind.

We work hard to make our social media spaces welcoming and helpful – for our customers and for the wider community.

  1. We’ll look out for and remove anything offensive from our feeds, and report it to the platform directly too.
  2. If you spot anything abusive on our social media spaces, let us know and we can take it from there.
  3. We may choose to block repeat offenders.

Keeping in touch

You can reach us on our Facebook account and our Twitter account – from Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm.

You can also take a look at and comment on our YouTube account, or read and leave reviews of our services on Trustpilot – but the same house rules apply to those channels too.

If you’d rather contact us by other means, you can visit our Contact Us page.

What we can't discuss

We're really happy to answer questions on social platforms. But we can't discuss any complaints already being dealt with. This includes anything that’s being investigated internally, any legal cases, or anything that’s with the Energy Ombudsman, Communications Ombudsman, Financial Ombudsman Services, or Alternative Dispute Resolution.

If we spot posts or comments that refer to a case being dealt with in any of these ways, we’ll refer you to the right people instead.


Please don’t message us on social media if you have an urgent problem, because we might not be able to help you in time.

Visit our emergency contact page instead.

Important legal points

We reserve the right to:

  • Amend these rules at any time without giving notice.
  • Close down our social media accounts without giving notice.

It’s good for you to know that:

  • By using any of our social platforms we assume that you're familiar with (and will follow) the terms and conditions of each platform (for example, Twitter, Facebook, and so on).
  • You’re responsible for anything you post or upload or link to.
  • You can always “unlike” or “unfollow” us at any time, if you no longer want to receive our updates and messages.